We constantly strive to create the highest quality of coffee products through ceaseless effort and passion. We are truly connected to and contribute deeply to the New Zealand's longstanding culture of drinking coffee. The success of the first AROMACOFFEE.NZ shop has led to the opening of more additional shops selling our fresh and delicious drinks in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch...
AROMACOFFEE.NZ operates based on the slogan “A Passion for Quality”. Because of this, our brand is building a reputation for a New Zealand brand rich in tradition that connects our many years of experience; our continuous learning and adaptation to the changing times to many generations.

Areas of Operation

1. Manufacture, export and trade finished products of coffee.
2. Offer food and beverage services at the shops:

  • A comprehensive variety of food & drinks.
  • A fine selection of cakes and fritters.
  • At home coffee and gifts.

Coffee Shops

Our online-offline model is built upon our mobile and store networks.
Our store network is comprised of pick-up stores, relax stores, and delivery kitchens, which enable us to maximize convenience for our customers, and improve our brand recognition.


Technology is the core of our business.
Our technology covers every aspect of our business, from customer engagement to supply chain management.
Our focus on technologies has enabled us to efficiently optimize the customer experience and grow rapidly while maintaining quality control.

To join our team, please email to

Our Mission

1. To become a part of everyone’s everyday life, starting with coffee.

2. To become a pioneer by creating new ideas for New Zealand coffee industry.

3. To create a NZ brand in which the outstanding quality is easily recognized globally.

Products & Services

1. At home coffee products & Gifts.

2. Coffee accessories and coffee equipments for sale and hire.

3. Wholesale high quality coffee beans (green and roasted beans).

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